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$WOLF Token

Once you’ve entered into our ecosystem with $WOLF tokens, there are multiple ways to make money, if you’re a trader, you can subscribe to any model and start getting real-time & high accuracy trading signals. You can also stake $WOLF through income dashboard and 10% subscription royalties through WOLF staking income pool, its a hand-off passive income just by buying & staking WOLF. Additionally you can also become a DAO member.

AT is a DAO governed platform where decisions are taken by members of DAO, this brings transparency and exclusivity which results in informed decision making and much higher chances profitability. DAO member offering:

  • DAO Polls
  • High APY
  • Free bronze signals
  • Trial-period gold model signals

Token Sale TOKEN

$WOLF token presale is SOLD OUT, in 10 SECONDS! Thanks to all investors and associates including our launchpad

Token Allocation Token



Smart Contract Creation, Whitepaper, Website & branding Presale, Alpha Trade Beta Release

Q3 2022

Alpha Trades stable release, Staking rewards, APIs & trading bots, CEX listing, Coinmarketcap & gecko listing

Q4 2022

Marketing campaigns, Data scientists outreach, Affiliate program launch,


Raj Sharma
CEO - Quant
Sirojiddin Nuriev
Masters in Machine Learning

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided frequently asked general questions regarding platform & token. If you have any other questions, please get in touch with any of our admins on telegram group.

It's an on-platform currency of Alpha Trades.

No, We are mainly a marketplace where ML enthusiasts can offer their model predictions as trading signals & traders can decide which model they would like to receive signals from, based on its performance.

Load your wallet with brise tokens & get on presale page. Join our telegram community for more support.

Presale holders will get lifetime 30% discount on all models and 3 days free trial to any one gold model on the platform.

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